Happy birthday to me

5 days after Christmas and here it is, my birthday!

Sing a song for me :P

New TauntKill video!

Profit Fortress 2

New update, new cosmetic items. And to celebrate that, how about a little shopping spree? Now, I don’t have any money avaiable, so I decided to sell some things I don’t use and opened a trade where I buy new hats and miscs for low prices.

This was the best thing that happened to me on tf2. I got a cute kitteh on my pocket, a sexy soviet gentleman hat with a free moustache and a Koala for very low prices.

Let’s do some math.

The current prices as of 7/9/2012

                             The Pocket Purrer = 4 keys

                             Soviet Gentleman = 2 keys

                             Koala Compact = 2 keys

                 PocketPurrer + Soviet Gentleman + Koala Compact = 8 keys

The prices I paid

                           The Pocket Purrer = 1 key

                           Soviet Gentleman = 1 key

                           Koala Compact = 2 refined

PocketPurrer + Soviet Gentleman + Koala Compact = ~2.5 Keys

                              8 - 2.5 = 5,5 keys saved

To sum it all up : Put “Buying unwanted miscs and hats for low prices” on your trades on trade sites and you’ll get Friend requests from quickselling people.

The Living Dead

1 month ago my granfather died because of cancer… I still remember when I was in the South of Portugal and we recieved a message that our granfather went to the hospital and he was about to die. We had to pack out our stuff and prepare for our 4 hour trip back to the North. Thankfully the medics were kind enough to let him live until we get there.

Interesting but not interesting fact is that our trip took 4 and a half an hour and my grampa died at 4:30 AM.

You’re still alive, here, in our hearts.


Applying for admin on Multiplay UK!

That’s it, I applied for admin to the damn community I play most of my time: Multiplay UK. I mostly play mariokart maps for shits and giggles.

And now, I’ve been accepted. For now, I’m a trial admin. This means they are seeing what I can do for some weeks and days before they really make me a real admin. For now, I only can kick / ban / do admin abuse when I actually boot TF2 and go to a server. When I get accepted, I’ll get access to ClanForge, SourceBans and some shit that allows me to go to TF2 servers without actually booting TF2 up. It’s actually pretty easier to do that online than waiting 10 minutes for the slow TF2 to start up.

Being an admin overall is pretty fun, kicking and banning makes me feel I’m superior to everyone. Isn’t that right, Flix? He knows what I mean ;) I love you.

Now, let’s see if I get accepted.